Kijkshock3 book and DVD

Kijkshock3 is Sjeng Schupp and Michiel van Dijk’s second book+dvd, published by publisher De Buitenkant. This musician/artist duo is well known for its wayward musical animations. Short films around hilarious situations and tragic characters, accompanied by music that dips into the jazz idiom, flirts with the classics or looks to the minimalists. For Kijkshock3 they invited like-minded artists to also make musical animations. All the artists have their own language but they seem to understand each other perfectly. To get an idea of what’s going on in the heads of the makers, the accompanying book gives a look behind the scenes, with stills, sketches and associative material.
The music welds the films together to create a whole that can best be experienced by playing the dvd in its entirety, with the book at hand.

You can order the book/dvd by sending a mail to us.
The book/dvd is available for the price of € 20,00

Kijkshock1 book and dvd

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A selection of their work was published in a beautiful book/dvd by graphic novel publisher Oog & Blik. It was very warmly received in all the national newspapers:

“The combination of animation film and music reaches a suprisingly intimate fusion in the hands of Sjeng Schupp and Michiel van Dijk. The films are short but powerful, witty and merciless, strong and yet playful.” (Volkskrant)

“… the machines on the run in Activity Centre (the clock sounds like a telephone, the cat barks, the radio rattles) work up an appetite for laughter.” (NRC/NRC-Next)

“Extraordinary is that underneath all the bizarre scenes lie human frustrations like chaos, loneliness and annoyance. That is perhaps the greatest
‘Visual Shock’.”(Trouw)

“Not least because of all the references to visual art and literature does one not tire of these five-minute features very easily.”(Bruna)

You can order the book/dvd by sending a mail to us.
The book/dvd is available for the price of €15,-